First blog post!

Yay! With this the website is now officially getting started!

I’m gonna use this moment to introduce myself. I’m, as you might have noticed, Shotagonist. I’m a cute little Shota from Germany and will use this blog to write about anything I can think about, but primarily that will be opinions about video games. If I happen to find any other topics to write about, I’ll go ahead and do that.

As cheery and happy as I may seem, I can be fairly critical and analytic, although I always try to take away something good from everything I play. To me, it is important to look at all aspects of a game to come to a conclusion, but I also like to pick apart certain ideas of games and compare them to how others implement it. Ultimately, my opinion is my own and I don’t claim a monopoly on being right. If you agree with me, that’s cool! If not, that’s also okay. I sometime change my mind on things, but generally, I’d say I stick to what I said.

Anyways, happy reading!

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